A Message From The Otherside

Doc Gibbons Friends and colleagues, I apologize for how long it has been since I last updated you; to say Azul and I have been busy lately would be quite an understatement.

For some time now I have been meaning to return to communicating with you all via audio messages, so here is a memo I recorded to keep @everyone informed of new developments. Please listen at your earliest convenience.

Audio Transcript

Doc Gibbons Oh, yeah, it's working.

Wow, I'm good.

Greetings, friends, scientists, and sentinel operators. I hope you are well.

My sincere apologies for disappearing from the lab, but I promise I have good reason. Azul and I were on a very important research expedition, one unlike any other I have undertaken before.

We spent days exploring locations and unearthing resources I had never imagined possible. It felt unreal, like stories of myth and legend. In my early days as a researcher, these resources only existed in the theoretical and other side previously unexplored or untapped seeing. It was quite something, friends.

If not for a small vocal group of misfits, a group that dared to believe in kodas and magical resources, I would have never even considered exploring the existence of these regions in the first place all those years. Mega Gold Uh, Doc, do you have a second? Doc Gibbons Oh, hello, Avila.

Mega Gold Am I interrupting?

Doc Gibbon No, no, you're fine. I'm just recording a memo for the lab.

Mega Gold Oh, about the trip?

Doc Gibbons Yeah, that's right. I was also waxing nostalgic about our early days as researchers. How the three of us seemed so unfettered. Our theories, they bordered on the insane.

I'm grateful for our mentor. He was a stable, guiding hand during those wild early days. I truly do miss him, even if he well... even if he lost his way towards the end. But it was understandable looking back.

Tragedy and heartbreak drive us to do unexpected things, to behave in ways we cannot ever predict, pushing even the most brilliant of us over the edge.

Mega Gold Doc, I don't mean to interrupt your reverie, but I really have to finish what I was doing. Can you come find me when you're done?

Doc Gibbons Oh, yeah, yeah. Yes, Avila, of course. Yeah. It is so strange to have Avila back. So much has changed for us.

Between us, but also for the world. It feels like the old Avila I knew is no longer here. But still, her presence calms me, as it did before, as it always has.

That is how the world works, no? The familiar serves as an anchor.

Moving on. Recording.

Is it recording? Yeah, the light is on.

Okay, where was I? Oh, yes. That trip was fascinating.

We are lucky to have Azul on our side. They brought so much knowledge and context about what has been and what may be coming to this other world. But our journey was unfortunately interrupted by an urgent request from an old friend of Azul's. So urgent, in fact, that we were forced to rush back to the lab, leaving most of our collected samples behind.

There is still much we don't know, but it seems sentinels will be called to action much earlier than I anticipated. Which is worrisome. We have received an encrypted message from Azul's friend with more details about what lies ahead.

Soon the contents will be uploaded to mission Control, and we have been told the keywords to unlock the message will be sent to us shortly thereafter. But we have not been told specifically how. So let's please keep our eyes and ears open so we don't miss anything.

Scientists, please prepare to analyze the file's contents. Once we unlock it, the file will not only have details on the Sentinel's upcoming mission, it will also hold vital data about this fascinating new world and the resources within it. We must seek understanding and familiarize ourselves with its most unique aspects.

To properly prepare for the confrontation ahead. I will be relying on each and every one of you to help with this immense task. Our lives literally depend on it. Scientists, your knowledge and expertise will be integral in decoding key information for the challenges ahead.

Operators, you and your Sentinels will be in the front lines, helping our allies keep the Metaverse safe. Together, we will be unstoppable.

For all apekind, my friends.

For all apekind.

Knowing to be on the lookout for a message from Azul's friend, scientist begin scouring the Otherside and Legends of the Mara when it went live. Searching through the game guide that was released, an intriguing A.P.E. item was discovered

Found near the bottom is an A.P.E. branded beaker with a hunter vessel inside, but also some text written in Otherside language.

Decrypting the text using the decoder (https://www.otherside-wiki.xyz/tool/otherside-alphabet) reveals the answer to decrypt the files of BRICK

This reveals the following message


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