🚪Report 07c: Jenkins Mutated Arrives

Mega Gold recruits help from Jenkins Mutated

Mega Gold JENKINS THE MUTANT! I am pleased that you have received my message and were able to locate us. You have arrived just in time.

Jenkins Mutated Mega Gold, I'm guessing? Well, the fact that you're massive and appear to be entirely made of gold, probably means you don’t need to answer that question.

Mega Gold Indeed.

Jenkins Mutated You're the first Mega Mutant i've met. What is it like to be in the most elite tier of the MAYC?

Mega Gold Most excellent. And if all goes well, you shall meet many more in the coming days, Jenkins the Mutant.

Jenkins Mutated There's nothing I want more.

Mega Gold Jenkins the Mutant, for the sake of Mutants everywhere, you must keep an eye on Jenkins the Valet. He will be attempting to contact four Mega Mutants, assisted by his nauseating team of scientists. I need you to stay one step ahead of him - ironically by being one step behind him… Find out where he goes, and if he has found a Mega Mutant, you must ALSO reach out to them. Explain how I would like to talk to them… MUTANT TO MUTANT… about the sources of our power and the origins surrounding our mega mutations. The Path needs you, Jenkins the Mutant. We shall succeed.

Jenkins Mutated Can do, boss. I’ll report back here when I have something to share.

Mega Gold Stay on the path, chosen ones. Remain observant, and continue keeping our secrets safe. Our plans cannot be thwarted.

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