Ice Cream Tiles

Finding the Ice Cream Truck

A.P.E.Bot tells us that Doc was in the area just across the southwest corner from this location. It has uncovered the following relevant information: -Smooth Criminal crooner’s constant companion -Sidekick to Donkey -Mortal enemy of Professor Utonium’s triplets -Bakora staff wielder -Son of Zira and Cornelius, friend of Brutus -Protagonist counterpart to deuteragonist Ted Shackleford

Audio Transcript Doc Gibbons I know that this day is stressful. The future of my serum and possibly ape kind hangs in the balance. Not to mention you're rushing around the big apple. Just one day in this place can be enough to rattle anyone's nerves and with the time, I might recommend one of my favorite retreats in this city. A.

Towering behemoth devoted to science and history. Its cool. Marble walls hold centuries of natural science and have always been solace and peace. It's true. Some find looking at stuffed dead monkeys post to appear as if they are playing in the wild. Morbid. I understand. But to me it's the circle of life.

Biology in its purest form, natural biology, not spoiled by serums and manipulations. People ask why I find mutiny so repulsive. Haven't all our genes mutated over time? Didn't subtle changes played out of our millennial leads to the be. Tapestry of apes we have today, perhaps, but those who are dictated by nature, by adaptation surroundings, not some abominable serum.

Of course, the museum is not open on Mondays, regardless. One can always find solace on the idle streets nearby, and I'd encourage you to find a sweet treat to make sure your serum hunting prowess is as sharp as it can be. Tell Leslie that you're a friend of dogs and she'll give you something from me. I prepared on the a p E Labs expense account when I visited earlier today, and.

-------- Doc's post-it notes indicated to travel to The Museum of Natural History and locate an Ice Cream Truck nearby. Ordering “Doc’s Favorite” (already paid for), search teams received ice cream, a bag with letter tiles in it, and a crossword puzzle.

Answering the questions from the A.P.E.Bot portal gives the answer of 6 famous monkeys:

Filling out the crossword with the answers:

The remaining letter tiles after completing the crossword were: ATEPISH which can be rearranged to spell: “APESHIT”.

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