🔎Report 11: Hunt for the Megas-Electric

Where is Mega Electric?

Summary (tl;dr) Doc is already on his way to the secret location and leaves Jenkins to determine where the fourth and final mega is. Jenkins has heard this last Mega scares the other three Mega's that had been previously found. Doc has left a message from Dr. Zaius for the scientists to understand, who as previously learned, loves to leave secret messages within.

After assembling some jigsaw pieces, identifying 9 objects from 9 different categories and solving a sudoku, scientists were led to discover 9 hidden dots in the message from Dr.Zaius. Connecting these dots led to the symbol for the Hebrew letter ALEPH.

Project Aleph was a top secret government surveillance program that Doc was once involved with. Digging into it more, Jenkins was able to uncover a classified video document of international high speed pursuits of the Mega as he was on the run.

Reviewing and identifying all the high speed pursuits titles led to the secret message MCQUEENS FILM, a reference to the film BULLITT.

Jenkins became confused how an old film that Doc liked was relevant to the hunt, but pressed on. Project Aleph was turned into a SETI-like program that received multiple transmissions that Doc captured and catalogued while there. Decoding the transmissions and identifying who was being referenced revealed a sub message that stated FIND A MESSAGE IN AMERICAN APE NO. THREE leading to the latest issue of American Ape released by Myth Division.

A final transmission was located on an alley way wall that said FIND THE ANSWER, THE ROSWELL POEMS, AUTHOR 4 6 which lead to the name RANE ARROYO.

While Jenkins was attempting to determine what these three items had in common, he had a dire warning for scientists to get out of the lab right away as gas began to be pumped into the room. Scientists awoke to find themselves in the lab under an Amber Alert lockdown.


Identifying the 9 apes locked in the lab with them and helping them find their 9 needed items to lift the lockdown revealed the final message of LABSITE ANSWER IS UMASS AMHERST, which is where Mega Electric was found.

As thanks to all the scientists who put in the hard work to locate Mega Electric, Doc allowed both Gold and Silver keycard scientists to claim the Electric trait for their keycard.

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