Finding the Megaphone

Time for some Exercise

Head to the Staff Exercise Room (D4)

You are in a large exercise room. An ape is seated on a bench along one wall.

There's an exit to the south.

>examine ape He's sporting a gold hoop earring and a flipped-brim hat.

This identifies the ape as 8162

>talk to ape The ape looks up.

"You're here for the class," he says hoarsely. "Sorry. I lost my voice cheering on the Facility Pickleball Squad last night. I can barely get a sound out."

He sighs.

"If I had some way to be heard I might be able to run the class, but without it, well, I'm no good."

The ape shrugs.

"I hit the alert button, figuring maybe it was stolen. But I think I just never had one in the first place. Whatever."

-------- Head to the Desk Room (E4)

An official-looking desk sits in the center of the room.

There is a room to the east, and hallways extending to the north and the south.

>examine desk There is a sign on the desk. You notice a metal box on the floor under the desk.

>examine sign The official-looking sign on the desk reads "Patient Processing". Beneath it, someone has written "Be patient, we're processing! :)"

>examine metal box There is a metal box labelled "Crowd Control" on the floor under the desk.

>open metal box You open the box, revealing a megaphone.

>take megaphone Taken.

-------- Head back to the Staff Exercise Room (D4)

>give megaphone to the ape The ape brightens.

"Hey hey! How'd you get that?"

He speaks into the megaphone.

"Alright class, let's go. Do ten pushups!" His voice echoes loudly in the room.

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