The Simian Path

Doc had concerns about his old friends cult called The Simian Path

A. Terry hey @everyone if you wanna know more about that cult Dr. Gibbons talked about in that last memo Avila posted, I remember seeing a good article about them on medium. I don't have the link anymore otherwise I'd share it, but I'm sure its not that hard to find.

A search on the internet for "The Simian Path" and "medium" located the article in question Review of the details under the author gave: [site]dotcom/12angrymonkeys which led to the link which required a password.

The article about The Simian Path, contained 4 references to another book without a specified citation. These 4 were extracted for further review. (chap. 2, pg. 43) (chap. 3, pg. 51) (chap. 1, pg. 108) (chap. 4, pg. 89) Nothing further was found about O.T.Tendorf or The Simian Path, but his older article about yachts drew focus. Given 5 paragraphs, this was determined to be the cited text. Using the chapter as paragraph number and page as word count, a book cipher is applied to extract words from the given article. (chap. 2, pg. 43) -> you (chap. 3, pg. 51) -> are (chap. 1, pg. 108) -> my (chap. 4, pg. 89) -> insanity This gave the password of you are my insanity

While investigating The Simian Path, Avila managed to get another audio file decrypted. Avila Pires GM again @everyone, I’ve got another memo from Doc for you all. This one seems like it was made just after the first one I posted. It… listen I haven’t been totally upfront about everything because I wasn’t sure how people would react. There was an accident in the lab that made him mutate. This is him talking about it. If you’re bothered by mutation, well, he was too. That’s why he was looking for a cure. Just listen to it, I guess, and don’t judge too much.

Audio Transcript Doc Gibbons  Gibbons log number...number 20...Uh, something...doesn't matter right now. I, I was preparing a serum sample for transport and it broke, and I, I, I was so worried about not exposing anyone else. I, uh, I was unable to get to the decontamination shower in time. It works fast. My pores immediately started oozing something green and foul and...not biological.

It, it smells chemical like, uh, chloramines or it doesn't matter. I'll test it later when I'm, I'm not...when I've made sure I am not a hazard to everyone else.

The lab is clean. I made sure of that. For now, I have sealed myself in one of the lab biohazard suits that should contain whatever is going on with my body. I should quarantine myself, get out of the lab entirely, but that would prevent me fixing the mess I've just created.

No, if anything, this is a sign to double down. Uh, I'll get Avila to bring me the necessities from my house, then sequester myself in my office. I can, uh, implement shifts, uh, make sure no one is in the main lab space when I am, uh, nights, uh, I, I can do work when everyone else has gone home. That should work.

Oh, oh. We were lucky that nothing went to volunteer trials before this accident occurred. God, if that had happened to someone else, But now that it has, it's my responsibility to determine why our intended cure has produced such a reaction. I will fix this. I have to. End log.

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