Travel to Slovakia

The first sighting of Doc, but only a picture.

With no leads, A.P.E. put out another plea for help looking for any information regarding the location of Doc Gibbons.

This post included the hashtag #wheresdoc which led to a possible sighting.

Using a reverse image lookup service (, this location where docs lab coat was spotted was determined to be in Bratislava, Slovakia right outside a building called Primates Palace. Sending a message to Avila Pires about this sighting of Doc led to the recruitment as a new lab intern to help in continuing to locate him.

Upon joining the discord, a recent message from Avila Pires was shown that she is looking to find clues in Docs lab about where he might be. Only one audio file was decrypted, revealing a terrible accident had taken place involving Doc Gibbons. Avila Pires GM everyone. I appreciate all your help so far in finding Doc Gibbons. I have a couple people following leads, but in the meantime I've been going through Doc's office to see if I can find any clues. Most of the audio notes he's been making over the course of our project are encrypted, so I'll need to decrypt them before I can share them with you, but I did find one that was unencrypted that I'm gonna share here. I think it gives a pretty good look at the mental state Doc was in before he left.

Audio Transcript Doc Gibbons  Safety measures have been breached. I, I have ruined this. I've ruined the whole thing. Not just the project, but myself. God, what is this stuff? I need to test it, but first I need to clean up and bandage. No, no, something else. Something with more coverage. Do we even have a Geiger counter in this building?

Why would we, but something's happening with the recording, so I, I need to make sure it's not...I, I'll make further notes after I contain this, if I can contain this, if, if it doesn't kill me before I get the chance. End log.

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