Can They Be Trusted?

Jenkins has concerns about the new Megas


Jenkins the Valet Hey! Anyone @here? @Doc Gibbons?

Doc Gibbons @jenkinsthevalet! Great to see you here! How is your search going? You have been busy...

Jenkins the Valet You can say that again @Doc Gibbons... I'm proud of all of our @Scientist and @Friend of Jenkins compatriots, but I need to talk to you.

I'm a little concerned. The Megas we’ve found so far seem… confused…

Doc Gibbons That is certainly understandable, given what they have been through! I am confident that, with time, they will approach homeostasis, becoming more stable and relaxed.

Jenkins the Valet I’m not so sure, Doc… They seem like they’re really struggling to grapple with the whole new mutation thing. Some of them even seem angry. I’m starting to get worried. Are you sure we can trust them for this mission?

Doc Gibbons Ah, @jenkinsthevalet, I can certainly see where your concern is coming from. This is indeed a perilous mission, but our only option now is to press forward. We must continue this important quest, for all Apekind.

It is precisely because the Megas are dangerous that we must get to them quickly in order to ensure that the Element 115 is destroyed!

Jenkins the Valet Alright, Doc. Because I trust you so much, and because I need to prove to some of these hooligans that I am not the narc they think I am, let's keep going.

I'm ready when you are to search for the next Mega. But let the record show, I’m still worried that this mission might backfire…

Doc Gibbons This is what we must do, @jenkinsthevalet, and I know that with the help of all of our @Scientist and @Friend of Jenkins, we will be fully capable in the face of danger.

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