The Labs Response

Doc's Message on the Betrayal

Audio Transcript Doc Gibbons Greetings, friends and colleagues of the lab. I have to admit, I am very surprised at the decision our friend Mistaken President has made. It appears I am not a very good judge of character. First Avila. And now Pres, someone I considered a friend. And two brilliant scientific minds, too! It defies comprehension. Is there something I'm missing in my own observations? There was truly no sign of this until... Ah, it's no matter. This is no time for self reflection. We are at war. Mistaken President has handicapped our faction and stolen some of our hard-won items, but we must not let that impact our resolve. We still have a significant advantage over the Path, and we will win this fight. Moving on... I would like to congratulate you all for your performance in both yesterday's Equipment Hack and in the first Server Hack last week. I am impressed with how swiftly you were able to decrypt the security measures during these missions. Because so many of you executed so much faster than members of the Path, we recovered confidential information on six of the eight Megas, and, despite Mistaken President's betrayal, we still have more than double the Path's battle inventory. This will serve us very well in the days to come. However, yesterday's events were a startling reminder that we must be extremely careful. We cannot become too comfortable or overly confident. Remember, our first battle against the Path is this coming week. Up until now, all of our tasks have involved hacking and decoding - using our logical and analytical minds to solve problems. It seems quite obvious to me that we would succeed in that area, given our day jobs. But the next phase is uncharted territory for us all. I will be the first to admit, as a lifelong ape of peace, combat is far from my strong suit. I worry that, despite the extensive research and experimentation we are conducting in advance of the battle, nothing can truly prepare us for actually being in the presence of dueling Megas. I will lean heavily on your strategic thinking to make decisions in battle. I am counting on you, Scientists. Finally, I would be remiss if I did not mention how proud I am of our newly elected War Council. Our fearless council leader, JTobcat, has led us to swift victories in the Hacks, and our council counterspy SJC has been swiftly identifying spies in our ranks for removal. To the rest of the council: banaldo, BayesianApe and fFlux, get ready for battle. Your knowledge of the Megas, how FEMS capsules affect their health, and which items they should utilize will be key to our outcomes in battle. We are all counting on you. Stay strong my friends. This conflict will be over soon,and we will be victorious. We MUST be victorious. All apekind depends on it. Gibbons out.

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