System Lockdown

Avila finally hits a wall decoding Doc's audio files

Avila Pires I'm gonna be real with you @everyone, I can't crack this memo. I think it’s from right before Doc went missing, but I’ve been trying this whole time and it's beyond me. You've all been great so far, so I'm sure one of you can figure this out. If you can get the audio out of it, let me know. I wanna know if there’s anything important in there.

Extracting the file revealed two pieces of content inside. A recover.pdf and an encrypted zip file that required a password.

Beginning with the pdf, 8 sets of letters are observed inside the document. The pdf name, Recovery, strongly suggested the arrangements were bip39 seed words ( Each set of letters were uniquely identify as a word from the seed list using just the first 4 letters (ie. TREN=TREND) to give a full 8 word recovery sequence of trend steel surface harvest shield fortune adapt armed which allowed the encrypted audio file to be extracted --------

Audio Transcript Avila Pires  Hey Doc. What are you doing here so late?

Doc Gibbons Stay where you are. Avila.

Avila Pires What?

Doc Gibbons Cut the bullshit. Did you think I wouldn't figure it out? I'm not some doddering old scientist too blind to see what's right in front of him. You're too late.

Avila Pires What do you think you're doing?

Doc Gibbons Me? What do you think you are doing?

Avila Pires Helping us ascend!

Doc Gibbons Avila, you know the chemical formula for polonium monoxide. You know how many milligrams of potassium cyanide it takes to dissolve a brick of pure gold. You are unerringly sharp, sharper than even myself. But you can't see that this cult is going to destroy you. You and everyone else. What, what I have created is a curse. I can't let you unleash that on the world

Avila Pires Curse? Look at what it's given you. Look at what you've become, what we could all become.

Doc Gibbons This is not ascension Avila. Exposure. Mega Mutantcy. You don't understand what it's like.

Avila Pires No, but I will. The Simian Path, it's what's intended for all of us.

Doc Gibbons You have been brainwashed Avila. You have let his words take root without any critical thinking to prevent their growth.

Avila Pires We can become our truest selves through mutation, and the mega mutation...

Doc Gibbons Makes you a assembling shell of your former self. I'm leaving tonight Avila, with this poison I created, and neither you nor any of your associates in the path are going to find me.

Avila Pires You are not leaving this room doc. Not with that serum.

Doc Gibbons And you are going to stop me Avila?

Avila Pires If I have to.

Doc Gibbons A.P.E.Bot! Command word flags of discontent!

Avila Pires Gibbons, get back here, I will find you.

-------- This audio file revealed that Avila had been the spy in the lab and a supporter of The Path all along and Doc confronted her about it. Upon the resident LabCat revealing this audio file to everyone in the lab, Avila put everything into full lockdown. Avila Pires Oh shit @JTobcat figured it out. Now I know why it was encrypted. Well, the jig is up. Thanks for all the free help but it's time to shut this down. Good luck communicating with the Bot powered down. I hope that all you find enlightenment as I have and I see you soon. AND FOLLOW THE PATH.

-------- In an attempt to gain access to the lab again, the intern A. Terry, planned to break back in. Transcript of Event P.Rylands Alright, @everyone. It's been quite the day at A.P.E., but after the shocking betrayal of @Avila Pires and subsequent total shutdown of A.P.E. Bot and our community server, we've found that @A. Terry, our intern of all people, has a plan to break into the lab and access the physical terminal in order to reboot the bot so we can keep searching for Doc's whereabouts. It's not my first choice for a plan of action, but it's all we have at this time. They'll be back at the lab at 00:00 UTC, and need our help crowdsourcing the answer's to Doc's security questions. If you can, we'll see you in employees-only at that time. A. Terry arrived at the lab roughly around 00:00 UTC A.Terry hey im back. steve filled me in so let me first off say what the actual fuck. second off, mr. public relations rylands is way exaggerating the security on the lab. there's maybe 26 different locks in the whole office but the server isn't behind all of them its just in dr. gibbons office. and yeah the doors are prob all locked but i taped over the back door lock when dr. gibbons disappeared so that he could get in even if he lost his keycard and also bc i never got full access privileges bc dr. gibbons kept saying avila would do it and avila kept saying he would do it and i got tired of asking for people to let me in. anyway i can get into and then once im in the lab i can just smash the window on his door and open it that way. once im in tho i dont have any of the reboot credentials. @P. Rylands @BDS do either of you have those? P.Rylands @A. Terry we've been really impressed with your work so far this year, but I will say that you still have a lot to learn about the way you comport yourself in a professional setting. Despite the actual fucks that we've all been though I'd appreciate a little more formal communication, and I'd make sure your shift key is working. A.Terry Is that really your #1 priority here????? P.Rylands Science isn't just the end result, Alex. It's about the process. A.Terry Well the PROCESS we're gonna have to go thru is the reboot sequence, so id love some input on that. P.Rylands Alright, alright. You're right. We've got to get this rebooted. I don't have access to any of Doc's reboot credentials. What sort of things will be in the credentials? A.Terry i have no idea ive never done it before. once i get in i could tell you what its asking for and then maybe the geniuses in this server can figure it out. ... in the lab now. gimme a sec to break the window in the door. ... alright I'm at the host terminal P.Rylands What's it look like? A.Terry “A.P.E.Bot is offline. Please use administrator pass phrase on host terminal to initiate reboot sequence.” Interns Try "Flags of Discontent" based on Doc's last audio message to start the lockdown A.Terry I'm gonna input this one, but it looks like theres a security timer that locks you out for like 15 minutes if you enter something wrong, so when we get to the inevitable security questions if you could all like peer review each other and then ill go with the one everybody likes best, thatll be great. >>Flags of Discontent A.Terry “Welcome back, Abbott G.! In order to reboot your system, please answer these security questions to verify your identity.” P.Rylands Alright @everyone it's happening. A Terry is initiating the reboot sequence! A.Terry "When was the last time you accessed the A.P.E.Bot system?" Interns Try "8:39 AM · May 6, 2022" as that is when he last logged in >>8:39 AM · May 6, 2022 A.Terry okay that somehow worked despite only having an approx time ... "What is your favorite vegetable?" Interns Try "Brassica Oleracea" because Doc mentioned it in his first audio journal >>Brassica Oleracea A.Terry got one ... "What is your favorite beverage?" Interns Try "Mocha" based off his hidden notes >>Mocha A.Terry why the fuck do you people know these things ... next one "What is your shoe size?" Interns Try "10" based off his email receipt from visiting Ape Cave >>10 A.Terry those were some disturbingly fast answers ... and theyre correct ... "What is your childhood best friend’s name?" Interns Try "Avila Pires" for being his best friend >>Avila Pires A.Terry BZZZT WRONG ANSWER Interns Try "anonymous" as his friend preferred to stay anonymous for privacy reasons >>Anonymous A.Terry if the doc actually wrote that his best friends name was anonymous i swear to jesus ... FUCKING CHIRST WHY ... ya hes besties w anonymous i guess ... "What is your favorite book genre?" Interns Try "science fiction" based on Avila saying thats what he enjoys durign and AMA >>Science Fiction A.Terry alright, everybody agrees with the guy whos pissed off at me. lets try sci fi. ... winner winner chicken dinner ... "What is your favorite type of primate?" Interns Try "gorrila" based off what enclosure he visited at the zoo >>Gorilla A.Terry convienent I guess ... "What is your least favorite color?" Interns Try "yellow" based on having to permanently stay in a yellow hazmat suit >>Yellow A.Terry im entering yellow ... NOPE! Interns Try "green" based on the color of the serum that mutated him >>Green A.Terry GREEN IS A GREEN LIGHT ... oh this last question is a joke. ... im answering it, but im also just gonna share bc its funny ... "What is your nickname?" >>Doc A.Terry thats it tho. the reboot sequence has started. looks like its gonna take a while based on the tiny sliver of loading bar thats been filled in so im gonna go kick down avilas door just for fun.

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