The Locker

Locating the locker unit

The Applied Primate staff accessed Avila's HR records to determine when her birthday was. In addition they were able ot uncover some receipts from the RNA Symposium at UCLA in 2019.

A.P.E.Staff Alright @Scientist ! I've got something. According to her file (and hopefully this isn't going to land me in any kind of hot water for sharing) Avila Pires' birthdate is 4/29/1980. Hey @Doc Gibbons her file includes some T&E receipts for an RNA Symposium at UCLA in 2019. Does that ring any bells?

This information could be combined with a previous AMA with Avila from May 2022 where she revealed her favorite color was gold/yellow. Doc Gibbons was also able to uncover some old text messages from Avila during that Symposium identifying the exact locker to find.

This locker facility was located at 8917 S Sepulveda Blvd B, Los Angeles, CA 90045

-------- Entering Avila's birthday of 04/29/80 and the color Yellow did not open the locker. IT turns out Avila now goes by her Mega Birthday, the days she became Mega Gold which was 06/20/22, which when combined with the color Yellow opened the locker

-------- Inside the locker was nothing but another letter informing the customer that the contents had been cleared out due to setting off another customer Geiger counter. All non-perishable items would be listed on Craigslist.

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