A Mega Disappearance

The Battle Continues

Doc Gibbons @Mega Gold, what did you do?! What is going on @here?!

Mega Gold What did I do? Is this your idea of a sick joke?

I demand to know how you did that. Mirrors? Some kind of camera trick?

Doc Gibbons You are too smart to get away with playing this dumb, Avila.

At least let me know if they are safe.

Mega Gold You really think I could make six enormous Megas vanish into thin air? I have many powers, but I am no magician, Gibbons.

Tell me the truth: you are honestly not behind this?

Doc Gibbons No. I swear, in the name of all apekind, Avila. This makes no sense.

Hominid Resources Doc?

Mega Gold Yes… but who would want to make that many Megas disappear?

Hominid Resources Excuse me? Doc?

Doc Gibbons Perhaps more worrying: who could make that many Megas disappear?

Hominid Resources Hello? @Doc Gibbons?

Mega Gold That is a horrifying thought indeed.

Moreover, I am certain someone - or multiple someones, or something? - malicious is involved here.


Doc Gibbons @Hominid Resources! I was so overwhelmed by my own panicking that I did not even see you trying to get my attention. What is it? Did you find anything?

Hominid Resources Possibly. I got the camera in the server room to work for just a minute. Have you checked that odd-looking, large computer in the back corner of that room recently? The one that says, “Applied Primate Aerospace Monitoring System?”

Doc Gibbons APAMS! Ahh, with all this battle nonsense we’ve all forgotten to keep tabs on it. What have you found HR? Is there an alert?

Hominid Resources It seems to have been tracking an anomaly for several days.

And this anomaly appears to be on track to collide with the Lab at any moment.

Mega Gold What in the name of the Simian Path is going on here? We are about to be invaded by who-even-knows-what, all because of your incompetence, Gibbons?

Doc Gibbons Oh no. This is… unfathomable. It has been ages since APAMS detected any activity.

Please, stay calm, everyone. I am sure it is nothing more than Avila and her Path cronies hacking into the APAMS system to distract us.

Mega Gold No it- Whoa… is anyone else feeling a little shaky? Like the onset of an earthquake?

Hominid Resources URGENT! @everyone! I have gotten another security camera inside the lab to function! Return to the Battle Stage immediately! I’m detecting a curious anomaly inside our main lab facility.

@everyone - please remain calm. The intruder appears to be minuscule and non-threatening. Despite their unconventional entry method, they are likely harmless.

Mega Gold What is that? A goblin in a weird costume? Wait a second…

Doc Gibbons Is that a…

No, impossible. Never mind.

Excuse me. I must convene privately with my faction. Lab Allegiance, please meet me in lab-general. I need your help with something.

Mega Gold I was thinking the exact same thing…. @Path Allegiance, join me in #path-general ASAP. It is time to get to work.

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