One-of-a-Kind Poem

Playing some #Wardle

There is a particular file within the servers storing Doc's digital archives, secured with complex encryption.

Based on the location of the file, it is suspected to contain confidential information regarding the items that were secured in crates inside the facility.

Scientists are hinted to look somewhere else to find word games, a hint to to review the #wordle (or #wardle) channel in the Applied Ape discord for postings by a user named "One-of-a-Kind Poem" who has posted 11 wordle results with suspicious emojis underneath.

Focusing on just the emojis given

Reviewing the profile details of "One-of-a-Kind Poem" reveals some additional clues to begin with

The first step is deciphering the crossword clue of "One-of-a-Kind Poem" which is hinted as having a solution of (6 3) as shown in the profile as 6' 3". Each half of the user name can result in an answer with One-of-a-Kind = UNIQUE and Poem = ODE, which when combined makes UNIQUE ODE or UNICODE when read as a mad gab. Reviewing the rest of the profile, it can be noticed that their profile contains a block and they have a message saying "It's official!". This is a hint to find the Unicode Block for these sets of emojis on the official unicode website.

The official site with unicode blocks is where this specific set of emojis can be found under "Miscellaneous Symbols and Pictographs" which gives the followign chart in the pdf.

Going through and highlighting the 55 emojis given (The running man emoji has a skin tone Unicode modifier, adding 1F3FB to its base of 1F3C3)

This reveals the final solution of ACID BATH, which was first entered by the Lab and secured them 14 of the 25 data files about the items used for battle.

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