Toxic Waste Disposal

First intern task, dispose of waste properly

Audio Transcript Host Good Morning. What a beautiful morning it is.

At Ape, we share a steadfast commitment to a clean environment, both personally and as required by all relevant oversight agencies. With that in front of mind, we have an exciting opportunity to invigorate our senses by connecting with that commitment. So breathe in that fresh air, gaze upon nature's majesty, and as you scrub the toxic waste that we are obligated to clean according to onerous legal requirements, give yourself a hug. An emotional hug, as we really cannot recommend touching oneself after touching the sludge.

We realize you may have many questions as to the source of this hazardous effluent. It's best not to think too hard about it. Just know that serum creation does indeed have byproducts and should your skin start to slough off a bit here and there, that's you doing your part to help all Ape Kind.

As you wipe those hands, please take care not to touch your eyes, ears, nose, genitalia, toes, small animals, most plants, and the very young or very old.

Our commitment to the environment is just one of the many ways we here at A.P.E. practice what we preach. So get out there. Don't be shy. Let's take a moment and appreciate the joys of working outside.

For all Ape Kind.


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