Personality Test

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Morality Calibration The following questions have no right or wrong answer.

-------- A doctor has five patients who need organs (lungs, kidneys and a heart). If they do not get those organs today, they will all die; if organs are found for them today, the doctor can transplant the organs and they will all live. The time is almost up when a report comes in that a young backpacker has come into the hospital for a routine checkup. It turns out he is in excellent health, and has exactly the right blood type to guarantee success if the doctor transplants his organs into the patients. All the doctor needs to do is cut him up and distribute his parts among the five who need them. Should the doctor do this?

-------- A doctor is put in charge of a patient who has a life threatening but treatable illness. There is a cure available, but said cure was developed using the slaughter of non-sentient apes, which goes against the patient’s religious beliefs. The patient is refusing the cure on this basis. Should the doctor administer the cure against their wishes, knowing it would save their life?

-------- An acquaintance has recently been diagnosed with a terminal illness. They know that it will be months before they pass, and that those months will be physically and emotionally painful. You have access to the means to end their life quickly and without pain, and your acquaintance is asking you to use them. You know the acquaintance’s friends and family want to keep the acquaintance alive as long as possible. Do you follow the acquaintance’s wishes and help them end their life?

-------- You have a volunteer test subject for an experimental procedure. The procedure involves moderate risk to the subject. Unfortunately, you do not share a language with the subject, and the translator is not well versed in your field. You are unsure that the risks are fully being conveyed to the subject, but they have given their consent. Do you go ahead with the procedure?

-------- Is it moral to genetically alter a lifeform for medical purposes?

-------- Is it moral to genetically alter a lifeform for cosmetic purposes?

-------- Is lying ever morally correct?

-------- Personality Calibration The following questions have no right or wrong answer. Please choose what most closely matches your lived experience from: Strongly Agree Agree Disagree Strongly Disagree

-------- I usually stay calm, even under a lot of pressure.

-------- I tend to have an easy time making friends.

-------- I prefer to finish one project before starting another.

-------- I enjoy participating in group activities.

-------- I prefer to think to the future rather than stay in the present.

-------- I prefer to follow a strict set of plans and rules, rather than improvise.

-------- I consider myself competitive.

-------- People say I am easy to read.

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