Finding the Super Acid

O wow am I a fan

If the Yellow access pass and the Empty Tank has been collected, head to the Security Office (F2)

You are in a security office. An ape sits before a row of monitors. There is an A.P.E. recruiting poster on the north wall. A whiteboard is mounted on the east wall.

There is a lab to the west.

>examine poster The poster shows a smiling ape in a lab coat. The caption reads "Come work at a hi-tech campus laboratory!" The location of the campus, indicated at the bottom of the poster, has been torn off to reveal a small slot behind the poster.

>insert yellow access pass into slot A small door in the north wall slides open soundlessly. The ape grunts. "Well, why didn't you say you had Yellow Access? Go on in."

Head to Storage Room 3 (F1)

You are in a small, dimly lit storage room. From the looks of the things dumped in here, it's where all the obsolete equipment goes to rust. There is a camera mounted on the west wall. A door is open to the south.

>look into camera You peer into the camera, which focuses blurrily on the room beyond. You can make out the silhouette of an ape with a helmet. On his desk are various photos of what must be his family. A video monitor on his desk shows a fuzzy image of a conference room. There is a bookshelf, but you can't make out the titles. A magazine rack is similarly hard to see, but you see several issues, each with a large O on its cover.

With a collection of magazines having the letter O on the cover, this ape seems to be a big Oprah fan.

-------- Head to the Conference Room (D1)

You are in a wood-paneled conference room, lined with blank video monitors. A large conference table in the center of the room is surrounded by comfortable armchairs.

There is a large mahogany door in the east wall and a lab to the west.

>examine door The large mahogany door is locked. There is an intercom to one side of it.

>examine intercom It is an ordinary intercom (for a hi-tech facility). There is an on/off switch beside it.

The intercom is currently switched off.

>turn intercom on There is a beep, and then audio static. You hear an ape's gruff voice.

"I see you out there. And you look like a typical Path agent. Not letting you in until you say the magic word."

Apparently you need to SAY the magic word.

>say oprah to the intercom There is a grunt from the intercom. It switches off.

After a moment, the mahogany door clicks and opens slowly.

-------- Head to the Head Scientist's Office (E1)

You are in the Head Scientist's office. There is an ape sitting behind a desk. Copies of O Magazine are strewn around his chair and placed on a rack to one side. A bookshelf holds a large collection of books.

The mahogany door to the west leads back to the conference room.

>examine ape He's wearing a military helmet with a playing card in the band, and his eyes are looking bored.

This identifies the ape as 5581

>talk to ape The ape eyes you suspiciously. "Yeah, you don't look like Path. But some joker superglued me to my chair, and I'm not trusting any of you. Maybe if you bring me something to burn away this superglue I'll turn off the Facility Amber Alert I triggered. Until then, no one is getting out."

He wriggles uncomfortably.


-------- Head to the Vat Room (A2)

In the center of a well-lit room stands a large vat. High-powered filters are circulating the air, but the smell is still overpowering.

There is a high-security airlock to the east and an exit labelled CAUTION to the south.

>examine vat There is a stenciled sign on the side of the large vat: DANGER: SUPERACID. There is a small spigot on the side.

>fill empty tank with superacid You fill the empty tank with superacid from the spigot.

-------- Head back to the Head Scientist's Office (E1)

>give superacid to the ape "Ah! I had a feeling I could trust you. This superacid will do the trick."

He pours the superacid onto his chair. Noxious fumes rise from behind the desk. You don't really expect the ape to survive the acid bath, but perhaps his ass is even steelier than his helmeted head.

He stands and sighs contentedly. "Much better. I'm going to write up a report and find the Simian Path stooge who did this."

He hands you the empty tank.

"Thanks again."

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