On the Clock

Time is of the Essence

Audio Transcript Doc Gibbons A consequence of the density of a place like Manhattan is that you cannot go two steps without having to confront a scrap of history that's been left behind, and history by its nature is a miserable beast of a thing. Looking up at this clock, I am forcibly reminded of a particular claw of that beast, and I am made to understand through some skewed perspective the logic behind The Path's fervor.

Apes were once made to entertain and they were abandoned when they no longer amused those who kept them. To embrace the parts of oneself that repel people and exile oneself from the whole of society, it ensures that there will be no opportunity for abandonment.

That's why this place was made, you know, to house abandoned creatures that had been treated without dignity, when the interests of those who kept them waned. In that sense, there is power in mutation, in ensuring that you will never be treated like a child's play thing again.

-------- Doc now directs search teams to the Delacorte clock outside the Central Park Zoo, where a saxophonist was found with some important sheet music.

Converting the notes into letters with rests as word breaks (except the pianissimo symbol above one of the final rests) gives the string A CAGED ApE

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