🧪Report 02: The Transformation

Avila Transforms

Summary (tl:dr)

Doc traveled to New York to stop the ceremony and prevent a new ape from being subject to mega mutation. He, along with newly appointed scientist to A.P.E., sprinted around the city as fast as they could following clue after clue, but in the end he was too late. The Path had infiltrated a large gathering of apes from all over the world and, to Doc’s dismay, held their mutation ceremony there, out in the open for all to see.

Avila's Ascension

He arrived just in time to see the figure in a hooded robe raise her head to drink the Mega Serum and his heart sank as he recognized her instantly. “Avila no!”, he yelled as the serum began to course through her veins. But she was no longer Avila. In seconds, her body morphed into a gold Mega Mutant and she disappeared into the night at un-ape-like speeds.

Despite the final outcome, Doc continues his mission to find a cure for Mega Mutantcy and begins by hiring those that helped search for him and attempted to track down Avila as full fledged Gold level scientists at A.P.E. and assigning their keycards the Gold trait

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