Just some Goblin Butts

Scientist are presented 1 of 32 unique zip files to download, each of which contains 32 videos of a goblin butt twerking.

Each Goblin Twerk video contain 6 sets of twerks separated by pauses. (double length pauses indicate a set of 0 twerks)

For example counting the sequences of twerks in 9-24.gif gives the following sets of numbers (contains a double length pause after the first set)

5 0 12 3 3 6

The number of twerks never exceeds a count of 15, indicating this can be converted to hexadecimal numbers. Converting to hex gives


With every video giving a set of 6 hexadecimal characters, it can be deduced that each represents a hex color code

Each video file is named with two numbers separated by a hyphen. These numbers only range from 0-31 in both positions, and there are 32 of every number in both spots. This is a hint that each video represents the coordinates of a 32x32 grid that is numbered from 0-31 on both axes.

Scientists must pull the color code from the goblin twerks for all 1024 video files and properly color a grid using the name as a set of coordinates for [column-row.gif]

Doing that creates the above image, which contains the logo for Benjamin Moore and the number 1629.

This is a reference to their Paint Color 1629, which is called BACHELOR BLUE, which is the answer.

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