March 20-Puzzle

The Second Server Hack

Doc Gibbons Good afternoon, @Lab Allegiance. It is almost time for today’s Server Hack - only a few short minutes before we prove ourselves once again for the sake of all apekind.

You will be attempting to break into my files in which I have stored data about the items that were recovered from the previous Equipment Hack. This information is vital for understanding how these items are used in battle, so we can ensure that we make wise decisions when it comes time to engage in combat.

Keep up the excellent work, and remember that your choices will go down in apekind’s history - the bigger picture of your actions today is so much greater than hacking into a server. Let’s go!

Mega Gold Hello, my dearest compatriots of the @Path Allegiance. In just a few moments, it will be time for another Server Hack.

The files we are targeting today will provide extremely valuable information regarding the items that were extracted from the crates over the weekend. This is crucial for winning battles.

Consider it a metaphor for the Path’s cause: in the same way that apes who are strong on their own will grow to achieve their highest potential with Mega Mutation, useful items will become all-powerful in our hands when we know their abilities and secrets! In the name of the Simian Path, go forth and be brilliant!

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