Finding the Saddlebag

A Wild West Party

You wake up in Exam Room C (F6).

You find yourself in a laboratory examination room. The room is sterile, white, and hi-tech, with light emanating from an unseen source. You don't remember how you got here, but from the paraphernalia in the room it seems evident you are being prepped for some sort of experiment.

There is a door to the west.

There is a saddlebag here.

>take saddlebag Taken.

-------- Head out of the room to the Medical Monitoring Station (E6)

The room has a console of medical monitors along the south wall, with an ape seated at a desk in front of it. There is a paper on the desk. The monitors hum softly and beep occasionally. An amber light blinks on the console.

There is an examination room to the east and a hallway leading north.

>examine ape She looks more metallic than furry, and has a single gold stud earring.

This identifies the ape as 1587

>talk to ape "Wait a sec. You're not supposed to be out of Examination Room C. I must have forgotten to lock the door. But maybe you can help me. I'm supposed to go to a party, and I've misplaced one of my key costume pieces. I set off the Facility Amber Alert to keep anyone from leaving until it's found. If you find it, I'd appreciate if you'd bring it to me."

>give saddlebag to the ape "Oh my stars! That's my missing costume piece. My Wild West getup wouldn't be complete without a saddlebag. Thank you SO much!"

The ape toggles a switch on the console, but the amber light continues blinking.

"That's funny. I guess I'm not the only one who set off the Facility Amber Alert because they're missing something. Maybe you can find all the missing objects so we can all get out of here."

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