Report 06: Reactivating A.P.E.Bot

Doc is looking to bring A.P.E.Bot back online
Summary (tl;dr) As the first assignment for newly onboarded Scientists, Doc asked for help activating an emergency security failsafe to rebuild A.P.E.bot, the lab’s advanced AI assistant. The team went around the world and contacted security personnel in -New York after decoding a secret letter swapping message from Dr. Zaius -London after finding mistakes in equations in Doc's Thesis paper -Singapore after reassembling an image and bringing fruit -and Los Angeles after finding a secret message in a Weird Al soundtrack to recover the four pieces of data necessary to reactivate A.P.E.bot.
Collecting the four seeds
Once A.P.E.bot had been reactivated, Doc revealed a new robotic frame to give A.P.E.bot a physical body powered by Mega Serum. The Scientists at Applied Primate had managed to build the first ever Mega Robot!
A.P.E.Bot online
As thanks, Doc allowed all scientists to claim the Robot trait on their keycards.