Doc and Mega Gold discuss Alchemy

Doc Gibbons GM, @everyone - colleagues and friends.

I just spoke with @Mega Gold regarding my recent findings, and fortuitously, my voice recorder was running throughout our conversation. I thought you might appreciate listening to it as a brief update on our ongoing investigation.

I sense that we have merely scratched the surface of a broader array of discoveries.

Doc Gibbons Sentinel Progress Report 55. Upgraded spatial awareness modules appear to be functioning. Ah, I mean Mega Gold. Precisely who I wanted to see.

Mega Gold Oh, great to see you too, Doc. How are the sentinels navigation systems coming along?

Doc Gibbons We can confer on that later. There is something far more pressing I must discuss with you.

Mega Gold Oh, well, what's going on? Is there news about the missing Megas?

Doc Gibbons Not quite. You see, my observations of the Other Side and the Kodas have ultimately left me with more questions than answers. I encountered phenomena that science as I know could not possibly explain. I am well aware that you. How shall I phrase this? That you are more comfortable trusting the unknown than I am.

Mega Gold Oh, well, hey, you are certainly more open to it than you used to be. Ever since we started using my Mega Gold to stabilize the Fems capsules. You accept that it is thousands of times stronger than any other known metal, despite its atomic structure appearing identical to regular gold, right?

Doc Gibbons Only because I witnessed tangible results of it every time a sentinel executes any function without combusting. And because I have immense trust in your intelligence, even when we disagree. I always have. Since the very beginning in Doctor Mandrill's class.

Mega Gold Oh, there's a name I haven't heard in a long time.

Doc Gibbons I actually unearthed my PhD coursework journal last week, as my confounding discoveries in the field reminded me of the more unusual ideas Doctor Mandrill imparted on us. Here.

Mega Gold Wow, this is certainly a trip down memory lane.

Doc Gibbons I was hoping you might be able to assist me in interpreting some of these notes. Some mystery, I'm not sure. As you can see, they gradually became more cryptic and confused as Doctor Mandrill's teachings leaned further into abstract and esoteric subject matter leading up to his absence. I admit I let my effort and attention wane as soon as he began to use words like alchemy.

Mega Gold Okay, alchemy does sound a bit medieval, but I still use some variations of his methods from those ancient books Mandrill brought into class. It's a major part of how I synthesize my Mega Gold.

Doc Gibbons It is hard to believe that alchemy is partially responsible for the Sentinel's functioning, but I am grateful nonetheless. So, are you able to interpret anything of note from this last section?

Mega Gold Well, honestly, it seems like a complete mess. You know what? I still have my old school work packed away somewhere, and it is definitely more legible than yours. Im going to look for it, and then maybe we can actually figure out the answers were seeking.

Doc Gibbons Brilliant. Best of luck in your search. And thank you. Seriously

Mega Gold Of course, for the good of all ape kind, right. I'll be back as soon as I find it.

Doc Gibbons Oh, this is still recording, right?

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