The Betrayal

A mole is discovered

ApeBot @Doc Gibbons Doctor Gibbons, I am sensing some irregular data patterns in our servers. It seems someone with administrative access has been sending information out in encrypted transmissions.

Doc Gibbons I'm @here, what is going on? Can you track the individual user?

ApeBot Yes... I believe it's coming from @Mistaken_President

Doc Gibbons @Mistaken_President?! There must be some mistake here...

ApeBot Mistake? I only know of those theoretically. No mistake here. I believe @Mistaken_President is compromised, sir. Those transmissions were going to known addresses for @Mega Gold.

Doc Gibbons What?! Could it be? Where is he now? @Mistaken_President explain yourself immediately!

ApeBot Warning. There is a breach in our security system. It seems @Mistaken_President has inserted some malicious code into our system and is transferring items to the @Path Allegiance. Also, there seems to be some modification to the faction parameters...

ApeBot @everyone Apologies. Unsure what is going on.

Mistaken President no one is mistaken here (except me, obviously). It's true. I have been growing tired of what I consider the be a growing hypocrisy in the lab. Despite claims to be "For All Apekind" I see a growing divide between the "sides" that have formed -- and I see the absence of compassion and mercy from Doc and the lab. What I see in the Path is a desire to unite all of Apekind with mega serum as the glue to bind together our Apekind. So....while it's hard to say it, I can say with determination that... ...the lab can SUCK IT. @Lab Allegiance *Multiple Middle Finger emojis* THE PATH FOREVER!!!! @Path Allegiance

Mistaken President steals 2x Prototype Fem Capsules, 1x Mega Afterburner, and 1x "Lo-Fi Hip-Hop to Study/Relax to" Mixtape to bring to The Path during his exit.

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