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Doc's Kickoff Message

Audio Transcript Doc Gibbons This is an address from Doctor Abbot Gibbons, Head Researcher of Applied Primate Engineering. My entire career has been dedicated to the betterment of all apekind. You know I strive to be an ape of peace. And you, listening to this transmission: as a valued member of the Lab, we share a common vision - that of safe and ethical future. It is now up to us to safeguard that future. I want to thank you for having the courage to stand with me against The Simian Path. I must admit, I do not know what dangers these next weeks may hold. I do know, however, that recent misdeeds perpetrated by the Path have left us with no choice but to engage in battle. And so we shall. I am still in disbelief that our troubles with Avila and her Simian Path cult have escalated to this level. She was once one of my most promising proteges - a brilliant research scientist with enormous potential. How is it that someone so intelligent could act so unwisely? So brazenly? Megamutation is a hazard that apekind needs to be protected from - and I say this from personal experience. Her talk of spreading it to the masses could result in a disastrous end for apekind as we know it. I can't fathom what her motivation is, but her vision of the future endangers us all. Power..? Greed...? Pure selfishness? Whatever empowers her does not change the fact that she must be stopped. Of course, I am reluctant to go into battle. But what options do we have? She has simply left us no choice. The next several weeks will be grueling, testing us mentally and physically. But I am confident we have the resources, intelligence and tactics to emerge victorious. You chose this side because you believe in fighting for the best interest of all apekind, which means that you see the value in our community as a whole. And that, my friend, is our secret weapon. Our adversaries could have the most advanced technology in the world, but even that could not overpower the strength which comes from working together for the common good. Keep your spirits high. Keep collaborating. Focus on the task at hand - and we will succeed. We must succeed. We must. Remember, I will be at your side through all the challenges ahead. From crafting strategy to taking action on the battlefield, I am here whenever you need me. We are in this together. For all ape kind. This is Dr. Abbott Gibbons signing off.

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