The Paths Response

Mega Gold's message on the Betrayal

Audio Transcript Mega Gold Good evening, loyal warriors of the Simian Path. I hope you are celebrating our resounding victory in yesterday's equipment hacks. What a day and what a victory. I mean... were we a bit slower solving puzzles than those straight-laced, uber cautious scientists in the lab? Perhaps. Was a mop stained with goblin piss the only item we acquired legitimately, while our opponents gained three powerful weapons and nine power ups? Maybe. But the important part is we were able to teach the lab a very important lesson: this is war, and we mean business. We are not some goody-two-shoes rule followers. We will win by whatever means possible, so watch your backs. Mistaken President and I have been exchanging messages for weeks now, and he has come to see the wisdom in our mission. He is an ape of impressive intellect and sharp wit. He is a powerful communicator, often responding to my missives in ALL CAPS to fully express the strength of his words. I am delighted to welcome him to our ranks. He brings, of course, his strategic expertise and deep understanding of all things Mega. But he also brings invaluable inside knowledge about how the lab thinks and strategizes. Plus, as a proof of his loyalty to the Path he has brought with him an impressive array of...uh....borrowed items from the Lab's inventory. What an asset he will be, my friends. Please join me in giving him a very warm welcome to the Path. I must confess, I am eagerly anticipating the forthcoming battle. With it, we have an unprecedented chance to live out the mission of the Simian Path in a tangible, impressive manner that will show the world the reasoning behind our actions. Witnessing Mega Mutated apes use the gifts bestowed upon them by Mega Serum will demonstrate to all apekind the incredible heights they could reach by embracing our movement. Apes worldwide will witness the Megas manifesting powers previously only imagined in their wildest dreams. Do not forget that helping all of apekind achieve their true potential, without restriction, is why we are here, why we are fighting. Let us use that as motivation in the challenges that await us. Finally, I would like to commend our war council leader ziot on his admirable puzzle solving, and the rest of our esteemed council, especially our counterspy LorekTemplar who has been meticulous in weeding out spies and has already helped us catch a few agents of the Lab lurking in our shadows. Well done! Our other council members, Allo, Jaxie and Jigsaw, make sure to deepen your knowledge in your chosen areas of expertise so you can guide us through the decisions required to emerge victorious from our first battle. I will speak to you all soon. Do not stray from the Path my friends. It is the path that will lead us to victory. The path is the way. It is the only way. This is your faction leader, Mega Gold, signing off.

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