Element 115

Doc and Jenkins have a discussion about Element 115


Doc Gibbons Indeed, I am hoping to meet someone @here shortly.

Jenkins the Valet I'm sorry Doc.. I got here as fast as I could!

Doc Gibbons I've been looking forward to catching up, old friend. There's been much excitement this week both inside and out of the lab!

Jenkins the Valet You can say that again... I must admit, I knew we were going to get some help but I am astonished at how much we received... and how fast!! You weren't lying about your scientists.

Doc Gibbons The Applied Primate @Scientist are truly a resourceful bunch. Their skillsets, married with the experience and creativity of every @Friend of Jenkins was invaluable in our quest to locate and make contact with MEGA SWAMP.

Jenkins the Valet It was a difficult and winding trail of clues that led us to Swamp (to put it mildly) But wow, how nice has it been to connect with the first of the many megas who are out there??

Doc Gibbons I am very pleased we have been able to find Mega Swamp and connect with him. He's certainly an interesting fellow. quite a "tune in, turn on, Swamp Out" kind of fellow, I'd say. But my research continues to point to the theory that his mega abilities will be crucial in our attempts to dispose of the store of Element 115.

Jenkins the Valet Doc, I have a question for you that I probably should ask privately, but I cannot help myself...

Doc Gibbons By all means, my friend, please ask it. We are among friends and allies here.

Jenkins the Valet I feared that maybe we weren't, but thank you. Here it goes... Have you ever worried, that maybe even if we are entirely successful with our quest we still might not be able dispose of the store of Element 115? Don't call me a pessimist. I'm just nervous.

Doc Gibbons I very much share your concerns. Our laboratory testing on Element 115 have led us to conclude that it is NEARLY indestructible. But the enhancements and aggressive weaponization of the new frame for apebot, coupled with the combined force of MANY mega mutants leads me to believe it will be our best opportunity to succeed. Being a scientist, however, theories always beget theories, so I can safely say there are a few additional plans in place if we are not initially successful.

Jenkins the Valet That's all I needed to hear. You're always so prepared. We have so much in common, my friend, but the thing that you do so different from me, is well... you're not always flying by the seat of your pants.

Doc Gibbons I will say, however, that what concerns me more than not being able to destroy Element 115 -- is that while mega mutant interference is likely to enable us to destroy it, my research also shows that mega mutant interaction can also cause it to become increasingly unstable.

Jenkins the Valet I've had enough interaction with @JenkinsMutated to know that stability is the last thing to expect with a mutant. And I mean that with all due respect, Doc

Doc Gibbons ho ho! I can certainly say from my own experience that experiencing any level of mutation will redefine how one perceives any kind of stability. I've heard much about @JenkinsMutated. He sounds like quite the handfull!

Jenkins the Valet I've learned that he always shows up when you least expect it, and when you expect him he's never there. Call it the law of JTM. Doc, I've got to run. It sounds like @17ikoola might have gotten his yacht stuck between a couple of dinghies. But I want to leave you with one thing...

Jenkins the Valet I've kept my ear to the ground and chatter about the trail of more megas continue to come in. It's funny actually, the talk of how ugly the original Azurians are has almost been completely drowned out by the inbound leads to where our other megas may be... @Doc Gibbons I'm sure one of these will pan out to be credible and send us on the hunt shortly

Doc Gibbons Thank you for such good news, my friend. I am truly anxious to connect with more of the mega mutants who are out there and the assistance that you, the Applied Primate @Scientists and all @Friend of Jenkins Writers Room members are providing is invaluable. But I also understand how each lead received must be looked into to gauge how credible they might be. Such verification can often take up to 4 or 5 days, I believe. But we shall be back on the hunt very soon if all goes well! Thank you again, my friend. It is always so very good to ... see you around the lab!

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