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Doc Gibbons Hello, @everyone!

I am in the midst of conducting studies out in the field and wanted to share an update via audio memo. I will return to the lab soon and will require your assistance with some unusual discoveries, so please listen and be prepared - For All Apekind!

Audio Transcript

Doc Gibbons Doctor Abbott Gibbons, field notes May 1, 2024

Greetings scientists, sentinel operators, and other esteemed colleagues of the Applied Primate Laboratory. While I generally prefer recording these audio notes from the controlled environment of the lab, I am currently out researching in the field. So please excuse any background noise or audio quality issues.

Although at the moment I lack sufficient time to fully recount my present endeavors, I feel compelled to share a brief update with all of you. Throughout my investigation into the disappearance of the Megas, I have compiled a massive amount of data, which I anticipate will require significant processing upon my return to the lab. Many of these findings are rather confounding, much more difficult to interpret than what I typically see in my research.

In all honesty, it is both humbling and baffling to be confronted with so much information that I am unable to wrap my head around. It calls to mind a message that Doctor Mandrill, my old mentor, shared with me ages ago.

Embrace the unknowable. The most powerful discoveries transcend beyond the scientific method.

...or something along those lines.

Actually, I was just thinking about trying to locate the journal I kept during my time with Mandrill because I wondered if it might help me interpret some observations from Azul and the Other Side. I should find it and go through it when I return to the lab. Its contents may very well be relevant to my current findings. I have always believed that if something appears to defy the laws of science, that simply means that technology has not yet caught up to the point of being able to properly assess it.

But some of what I have encountered here in the field.... uh, anyway. I have been talking for entirely too long, my friends. I must resume collecting data. Rest assured, I look forward to being back in the laboratory very soon, bringing with me plenty of tasks which will soon certainly require your valued assistance.

I will be in touch again in a week's time. Until then, keep your eyes open and your minds sharp.

For all ape kind.

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