Welcome to A.P.E.Leaks

This collection of lab reports has been smuggled out of the A.P.E. lab by two rogue scientists. All information is fully catalogued below for easy access.
Report 01: Where is Doc? Doc has gone missing and A.P.E. Labs has called for the public's help in locating him somewhere around the world. Unfortunately the public and A.P.E. labs are always one step behind and always just arriving to his location after he has jetted off someplace new. Eventually the public learns the search for Doc is for nefarious purposes as the reaches of a cult called The Simian Path have infiltrated A.P.E. through the head scientist Avila Pires, who eventually catches Doc and steals the Mega serum.
Report 02: The Transformation After Avila is exposed by Doc as the spy working with The Path and steals the Mega serum, he attempts to stop her from drinking the it as part of a ritual for The Path. With the help of the public, he races around New York City trying to catch her, but is too late as she completes The Path's ritual and consumes the serum, transforming into Mega Gold. Despite failing, Doc hires 222 Scientists with Gold Level access (with Gold trait) for the lab.
Report 03: The Labcoat Avila sends a letter to Doc about a hidden message she put in an old lab coat of hers. After chasing the lab coat through swap sites and the Mutant Cartel, it is eventually returned to the lab. A hidden USB sewn into the collar reveals an audio message where Avila attempts to convince Doc to join The Path instead of being eliminated as a threat.
Report 04: New Recruits Doc looks to hire 2000 new Scientists with Silver Level access for the lab. They go through standard IQ and Personality tests, run through a typical task at the lab of disposing toxic waste, and apply for grant money through a Tiara funding application. All Gold and Silver scientists who complete the tasks were eligible to claim the Radioactive trait for their keycard.
Report 05: A Very Special Bulletin Scientists begin to receive new protective lab gear. Heeding instructions from Doc in his Thanksgiving message to wash them and follow the care instructions, scientists find an encoded message on the tag. This encoded message leads to a information being revealed about Doc contacting Jenkins the Valet for help.
Report 06: Reactivating A.P.E.Bot All new scientists get to work to reactivate A.P.E.Bot, that was corrupted by Avila in New York, by tracking down four pieces of a backup seed that Doc hid all over the world. Scientists traveled to New York, London, Singapore, and Los Angeles to acquire the four pieces of the seed and successfully bring A.P.E.Bot back online. All Gold and Silver scientists who complete the tasks were eligible to claim the Robot trait for their keycard.
Report 07: Mega Bots Are Coming Doc shares a special Christmas Message with a retelling of the classic 'Twas the Night Before Christmas, but with a secret message saying Mega Bots Are Coming hidden in the audio spectrogram.
Report 08: Hunt for the Megas-Swamp Led by Jenkins the Valet, scientists hunt to find the four Mega Mutants that are in hiding and convince them to join Doc's fight against The Path before Mega Gold can find them and corrupt them towards The Path's cause. The first to be found is Mega Swamp after a portal hopping adventure leads to his location in Del Mar, California. All Gold and Silver scientists who complete the tasks were eligible to claim the Swamp trait for their keycard.
Report 09: Hunt for the Megas-Noise Doc has left a mess of his desk and it is up to Jenkins the Valet to comb through it and find relevant information leadign to the location of the second Mega. After reviewing some audio rehearsals, brushing up on fractional math, taking a trip into the metaverse to play some games, and listening to Doc's favorite mix-tape, Mega Noise is located in Hamilton, Ontario. All Gold and Silver scientists who complete the tasks were eligible to claim the Noise trait for their keycard.
Report 10: Hunt for the Megas-Zombie Jenkins is still digging through Doc's desk, so sends A.P.E.Bot 2.0 to track down the third Mega. After unmasking some disguised heroes, traveling on the subway through Seoul, Watching some vintage SNL, and helping fix some fortune cookies, Mega Zombie is located in Hainan. All Gold and Silver scientists who complete the tasks were eligible to claim the Zombie trait for their keycard.
Report 11: Hunt for the Megas-Electric Doc has left Jenkins with a strange message to locating the fourth and final Mega. After connecting the dots in a letter from Dr. Zaius, reviewing high speed vehicle pursuits of the Mega on the run, decrypting messages from other languages, and helping apes finding necessary items around the lab, Mega Electric was found in UMass Amherst. All Gold and Silver scientists who complete the tasks were eligible to claim the Electric trait for their keycard.
Report 12: Megas Assemble! The four found Megas convene at a secret location to meet with Doc, Jenkins and Mega Death Bot to destroy Element 115. Their gathering is interrupted by Mega Gold and and Jenkins the Mutant where Mega Swamp and Solomon reveal they choose to side with Mega Gold and The Path. A fight ensues resulting in Mega Gold activating a trojan horse inside Mega Death Bot to take control of him. Because of this, Mega Gold, Jenkins the Mutant, Mega Death Bot, Mega Swamp and Solomon are able to escape the fight with the Element 115. Doc reactivates A.P.E.Bot 1.0 and prepares for war. All Gold and Silver scientists who helped bring the Megas together were eligible to claim the Death Bot trait for their keycard.
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